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About Our Long Distance Moving Services

Moving to Arkansas, from Arkansas, or clear across the country, our long distance moving crew is ready to help. We can help you move long distance and get all of your belongings to where you need them to go, securely, safely, and quickly. Locally owned and operated, our Little Rock moving company is ideal for clients looking for considerate care of their moving needs.

Our Little Rock moving company has served long distance moving clients for over a decade. With hundreds of moves under our belts, we’re moving experts here to help you move across the country with as little stress as possible.

Long distance moves often incorporate many services and we can serve all of your moving needs in one moving package, including packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking to get you settled into your new home.

How far will we go? However long it takes to make you happy with your move.

Why Our Long Distance Movers are Different

Most national long distance moving companies have two or three different teams working on your out of state move. One group loads the truck. Another drives it. And yet another unloads it. That’s a lot of hands on your belongings—and a lot of different people who don’t know what’s inside of each box.

National long distance moving companies can be difficult to deal with because of communication between different crews working on your move. If the unloading crew doesn’t know your precious family china is loaded into a certain box, it can end in disaster.

At Prompt Moving, the same people who pack and load your belongings stay with your move throughout the entire process, transporting everything to your new location and helping you get everything in place in your new home. Unlike most national moving companies, you can expect a high level of communication from our Little Rock moving crew because you can talk directly with us without jumping through unnecessary hoops.

We offer exceptional service for long distance moves, focusing on ensuring your move is as smooth as possible, because we’re with you through the entire moving process. Every step of the way, you’ll know who is moving your belongings and that they’ll be well cared for.

Our goal is to make sure each and every client ends the moving process highly satisfied, which can’t always be said of our national long distance competitors.

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